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Pokemon Trading Card Game Now Available On The European Nintendo eShop


Time to dust off my Nintendo 3DS and get back into the swing of handheld gaming because Nintendo has today re-released the old-school ‘Pokemon Trading Card Game’ as Virtual Console classic. This new/old title has just been made available through the European eShop. It was first released in the West back in 2000, a time where I was too young to understand real strategy and instead chose to buy booster packs of Pokemon cards simply because they looked cool.

I never had the intention of playing the actual TCG (Trading Card Game) which meant that this particular game went right over my head. What I simply child I was. With the re-release going for a measly $6.50, it was hard for me to pass up the chance to make up for lost time. The game does actually have any contemporary editions, it is essentially just a port and I think that’s perfectly fine. It has an 8mb download size and will take you no more than ten seconds to download so there’s no real reason for you not to take a chance with this classic!

Featuring the original 150 ‘Pokemon’, the ‘Pokemon Trading Card Game’ will bring older players feelings of nostalgia and wonder, two things I seem to be feeling a great deal of in my 20s. The game is now available on the Nintendo 3DS through the eShop so jump onto your consoles now and grab yourself a copy of the ‘Pokemon Trading Card Game’.


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