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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire – Korean Site Accidentally Reveals Mega Slowbro/Mega Audino


Just take it slow…Bro.

Oh, man! There’s nothing sweeter than an information leak from an upcoming game, especially when that game happens to be the ‘Pokemon’ remake duo ‘Omega Ruby’ and ‘Alpha Sapphire’! The funny thing about situations like this is that they actually come about quite often but even when they do, fans still find it hard to fully trust the information they have been handed.

Word around the web is that the official Korean site for the upcoming ‘Pokemon’ video games ‘accidentally’ released two images alongside some information regarding a pair of Mega Evolutions that will feature, alongside many others, in the upcoming remakes. Slowpoke and Audino, a pair of Pokemon I would have never thought be paired up, have entered the spotlight thanks to their new Mega Evolutions. Slowbro, who apparently is now more shell than…whatever it was before, gains the ability ‘Shell Armour’ when it evolves which makes it so the Pokemon CANNOT receive a critical hit.

Fantastic for when you’re in a pinch! Audino, through it’s Mega Evolution, becomes a combination Normal/Fairy-type and gains the ability of ‘Healer’ which, in double or triple battles, gives the Pokemon a 30% chance of healing it’s ally’s status conditions. Very helpful when it comes to multi-battles! Now this is a piece of leaked information so it hasn’t been official confirmed, though seeing as we have some pretty realistic screenshots from the game we either have a legitimate new pair of Mega Evolutions or a troll with fantastic design skills. I’ll let you decide that one!

The ‘Pokemon’ video game remakes ‘Omega Ruby’ and ‘Alpha Sapphire’ for the Nintendo 3DS are set for a release in Japan, North America and Australia on the 21st of NOvember this year with Europe getting the game a couple days later on the 28th. Try not to rub it in their faces.


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