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Persona Q Shows Artbook Along With Two New Character Videos


Behold the art of Q

Are you a fan of Persona Q? If you answered yes then good news, that’s exactly what this article is about. In the special version of said game, known as “The Wild Cards” Premium Edition, a net little artbook is set to be included. Just in case you weren’t alredy interested in picking one up for yourself, Atlus has given a little sneak peek of a few pages. Containing illustrations of your favourite Yaso High students, along with the denizens of the Velvet Room and the two newcomers Zei and Ren, this 38 page artbook is set to be pretty sweet.

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If you’re more into movement and sound accompanying your pictures, then why not check out the new character trailers for Yukari and Teddie?

With her high magic stat and healing skills on hand, Yukari excels as a dedicated support in any team composition. Make sure she’s protected in the back line, so she can dish out wind and physical damage thanks to her Persona Io and her deadly bow! With some customization of her Sub-Personas, though, she can be a real threat on the battlefield thanks to her immense raw magic ability. Just make sure to keep an eye on the amount of SP she has left!


Junes’ best mascot isn’t just adorable, but bear-y strong! Teddie needs to keep things up close and bear-sonal in the front row to shred enemies with his claws. His ice-based magic get quite useful as he can deal AOE damage to multiple targets fairly early. Eventually, he’ll pick up the revival spell Recarm too, which makes him even more valuable to a party composition. As a solid spell caster/damage dealer, finding a good sub-Persona with a few high damage abilities can help Teddie make the most of his high luck stat, getting critical hits when you need them most.


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