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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Out Now in North America



Welcome to the Velvet Room once more Persona wielders. Look upon this latest instalment with awe and awww, as the cute versions of your favourite characters from Persona 3 and 4 join forces to do what they do best and save the world. Fans of either game will enjoy dungeon crawling, over 80 hours of fully voiced story and some good old fashioned Persona combat.

When purchasing Persona Q, you may be interested to know that there are two Editions available that offer a little more than the standard release. Though you receive no in-game extras, there is quite a collection of physical merchandise to enjoy. See for yourself…

For those who are more inclined towards gameplay bonuses, perhaps some DLC will interest you? In light of the game’s release, Atlus has listed the pricing for the upcoming downloadable content as follows:

Sub-Personas – These additional sub-Personas will show up in the Persona Compendium after purchasing and can be summoned once for free.
  • November 25th – Kaguya (Free)
  • December 2nd – Orpheus Telos (Free)
  • December 2nd – Magatsu Izanagi ($1.99)
  • December 2nd – Thanatos ($1.99)
Navigator Voices – Change the voice of the Labyrinth and Battle navigators to any of the voices below! The dialogue differs per voice and is adapted to voice’s personality.
  • December 9th – Margaret ($2.99)
  • December 9th – Elizabeth ($2.99)
  • December 9th – Theodore ($2.99)
  • December 16th – Marie ($2.99)
  • December 16th – Nanako ($2.99)
Anyway, I’m sure you’ve had enough of me running through the details of Persona Q, so why not hear it directly from the source? Check out the videos below and learn some tips for surviving the perilous labyrinths that await you.


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