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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Showcases Last Set of Character Trailers


The Empress Strikes Back

Here we go Persona fans. With less than two weeks until Ultimax brings the Shadow Operatives and the Investigation team together once more, Atlus has released the final set of trailers for some familiar faces. With a few revamped moves and some old tricks, Mitsuru, Elizabeth and Teddie are once again ready to join the fray and save the day.

Also, if you happen to be anywhere near the University of California Irvine (Balboa Island A/Student Centre 4th Floor) on September 27th, why not head down and enjoy a little pre-release Ultimax competition? Maybe even enter a raffle and try to win a Mad Catz P4U2 FightStick Tounament Edition 2 (compatible with PS3 and PS4) signed by Atlus character designer Shigenori Soejima. Or just check out Persona Q, which will also be shown. Isn’t Atlus nice?


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