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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Out Now


It’s Sho Time!

Well Persona fans you’ve all been beary patient, but the wait is finally over. That’s right, Arena Ultimax is out now, just waiting for you to pit your favourite characters from Persona 3 and 4 against each other in a whole new fight for survival. Though, for a nice little bonus, any DLC (glasses, navigators, colours) you downloaded for Persona 4 Arena will carry over. So feel free to take your favourite coloured outfit online and challenge anyone else who owns P4AU, which you can totally do because there’s no region restrictions for online play (though there is of course no cross-platform play).

Continuing on from the last Arena title, our heroes are back to discover once and for all who the mastermind behind the tournament is. Of course their investigation could go a little smoother, were it not for the mysterious and highly skilled Sho Minazuki who stands in their way. Or the other Sho, who also stands in their way…

Anyway, check out the celebratory launch trailer, get pumped and then get the game. Also be sure to check out the DLC as soon as you do because for a limited time you’ll be able to download Marie and Adachi for free until Ocotber 7th. How cool is that?


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