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Original Characters Set to Appear in Dragon Ball Xenoverse


New characters join the fray

Having already revealed that players can personally add to the world of Dragon Ball via Xenoverse’s Avatar system, Bandai Namco has showcased yet another divergence from the character norm. That is to say that a few brand new faces are about to join the roster. Mira, Towa, TokiToki and the Supreme Kai of Time.

Mira, the artificial creature trying to be the strongest creature in the universe, and Towa, a dark scientist coming from a demonic world, seem to be up to no good… They are currently planning to change the Dragon Ball universe as we know it. Just like the evil magician Babidi in the past, they are trying to gather as much “Kiri” as possible. For what purpose…? Only Supreme of Kai Time knows.

After discovering their plans, Trunks was looking for someone worthy enough to take on those new foes and stumbled upon YOU, the player.

The Supreme Kai of Time looks like a child but is far from being this young… Indeed, 75 000 000 years ago, this deity showed up for the first time and seems closely tied with the bird called TokiToki! Behind the disturbed and weirdly acting birdie, lies a very powerful life-form that can produce time!

Back on the subject of Avatars, a new Master System is also set to be implemented, allowing your character to be trained by the best of the best. Choose your sensei wisely, learn specialised skills via training programs and show your opponents whose boss. Though if times get particularly tough, your Master may just intervene and take to the battlefield themselves. I mean, they wouldn’t want to lose their star pupil now would they?


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