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One Piece: Unlimited World Red – “Quest For Money” Paid DLC Announced


Ah yes, the pirate’s life surely is the life for me. You’re off the land, journeying the sea, man, life is pretty free. The pirate’s life…wow, what a life to lead. Bandai Namco Games today announced the first paid DLC for their newly-released ‘One Piece’ multi-platform title ‘Unlimited World Red’ and the ironic thing is that you’ll be paying real money for a mission called ‘Quest For Money’.

The mission will have you and your merry band of pirates running about searching for a treasure you could never imagine, not even in your wildest dreams! Is it the treasure of ‘One Piece’? Is this Gol D. Roger’s treasure?! No, but it is a pretty awesome booty to chase…’booty’, is that the right word? From what Namco Bandai have said, you and your friends will be searching for “a massive treasure…of at least a handful of berries”. So…maybe not a ‘massive’ treasure but one that you’ll at least have fun trying to find…right? No, all jokes aside, this DLC sounds like a whole bunch of fun and as someone who is currently playing and enjoying ‘One Piece: Unlimited World Red’ you can bet that I’ll be one of the first to pick up this DLC.


Don’t stop reading though because the ‘Quest For Money’ DLC is not the only one planned for a release. The second DLC pack contains both a new costume and a new quest that has you, once again, going up against the deadly Hody Jones. It is called the ‘Nami Swimsuit Pack’ and comes with a costume for the lovely pirate lady and the Hody Jones-centric mission titled ‘Hody’s Revenge’ where, unlike the aforementioned DLC, you’re not exactly searching for treasure as much as you are trying not to be killed by a ravaging fishman. Hody is back and he’s out for blood…again. He has the team of misfits in his sights and he isn’t going to let them go without a brawl. Your mission is to take up arms against the great white and put him back in his ‘bad guy character’ place!

There’s actually been no word on when exactly these pieces of DLC will get a release but we do know that the ‘Quest For Money’ addition will cost $0.99/€0.99 and the ‘Nami Swimsuit Pack’ pack will cost $2.99/€2.99 which, in my opinion, are actually reasonable prices for DLCs. Stay tuned, once Bandai Namco unveil a release date for these babies, you can be sure we’ll have it here on SnapThirty. For now though, how about reading our review of ‘One Piece: Unlimited World Red’? Click Here to read it. The game is available for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS with a Wii U version to be released later this year.


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