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“One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X” Very First Trailer Released


You want a trailer, yeah? Do you think you can handle it?! Oh, you do? Well then, lucky for you because the very first trailer for the upcoming ‘One Piece’ Nintendo 3DS title ‘Super Grand Battle! X’ was just released and, let me tell you; it’s looking damn fine! It was only about two weeks ago that this new game was announced through the Japanese ‘Shonen Jump’ magazine but fans no longer have to drool over simple screenshots of the new game, instead we’ve been gifted a high-octane, battle-heavy trailer that shows all of our favorite ‘One Piece’ characters in their combat element…it even features some that we don’t like.

With a whopping 85 characters filling it’s roster, it’s a little hard to skim over this game without being even a little interested in picking it up. Featuring characters from most, if not all, parts of the ‘One Piece’ series (including the movies), this game is looking to be one hell of a brawling title. Similar to ‘Super Smash Bro.’, ‘One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X’ pits friend against friend…against friend…against friend…look, what I’m trying to say is that it is a game that features a 4-player gameplay system that has you and three friends slamming down for ultimate pirate supremacy. It already has a fair bit of hype swelling around it but let’s try to make that swell more of a whirlpool with the first ever trailer for the game! There’s been no word of a release date as of yet so I suppose we’ll just have to wait in anticipation until that information is released.


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