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‘One Piece: Super Grand Battle X’ is the First Non-Nintendo Game to Feature Amiibo, Thanks Bandai Namco!


Bandai Namco will be the first third-party developer to make use of Nintendo’s blockbuster success of the Amiibo figures by implementing them into the upcoming One Piece game, One Piece: Super Grand Battle X.

The game is slated for the 3DS and will make use of the New 3DS’ Amiibo functionality by bringing the colourful world of Nintendo into the One Piece realm with unlockable costumes and abilities for the Straw Hat Crew.

While it appears that there isn’t any plans as of yet to bring this to the West, Bandai Namco are really breaking down the door when it comes to taking advantage of this incredible technology. With potential for other developers to jump in on the fun, the possibilties are endless.

Thanks must be given to Bandai Namco for taking a leap of faith on this intriguing new tech. I hope to see it put to more use by third party devs because damn would an Amiibo friendly RPG game be awesome or what? Tales Of Amiibo anyone?


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