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One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X – First Screenshots Released


Last week a brand-new ‘One Piece’ action title for the Nintendo 3DS was announced and with it came a whole bunch of hype and a community of Anime fans feeling nothing but pure excitement. The game, titled ‘One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X’, is a super stylish brawler title that pits players against players in a way much like the favored ‘Super Smash Bros.’ series.

The new game will feature over fifty of your favorite ‘One Piece’ characters, each with their own unique movesets and special techniques that you must master so you can truly become King of the Pirates! Ganbarion, the developers of this new game, unveiled the teaser site for the game just a few days ago and today we’ve been given our very first look at the game through a set of four screenshots that were released by the developer. The new title truly does like similar to that of ‘Super Smash Bros.’ but hopefully audiences will look past it’s similarities and enjoy it for what I can imagine it will be; pure ‘One Piece’ fun!

The screenshots show some series favorites going head-to-head while also showcasing some of the vibrant colours that populate the game’s environments. It even looks like Luffy has himself a laser canon which could mean that the game will feature weapons that players can pick up and use to give themselves the ‘upper hand’. It’s either that or Luffy features quite an odd moveset. ‘One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X’ is set for a Japanese release sometime this Winter with a Western release to hopefully be sometime after that…if it gets localized.


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