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NIS America Brings “Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters” To Europe In 2015


NIS America is on a video game releasing roll that just wont seem to stop! After just announcing that they will be bringing ‘Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!’ and ‘Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late’ to Europe in the near future, one would think they’d retire for the day but they haven’t!

The next game they plan on having hit local shores is a stylish visual novel title called ‘Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters’ that has players take part in a twisted story that transcends the physical world and has you hunting strange and scary specters as you slowly spiral into a state of madness where the both the planes of the living and the dead meld into into one.

Though mostly story-driven, ‘Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters’ will also have players enter battle systems reminiscent of strategic RPGs. This game has gain quite positive reception over in Japan and the hopes of NIS America are that it makes just as much of a splash in Europe as it did in it’s land of conception. With no specific release date announced, you can expect ‘Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters’ to be released sometime in 2015 on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

From the developers of Deadly Premonition and featuring music from Nobuo Uematsu, Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is a brand new visual novel that offers a unique battle system and an immersive tale of life, death, and the space in between. As an ordinary transfer student you start life at Kurenai Academy in Shinjuku. On your first day touring the new school grounds, you quickly encounter something supernatural, which throws you headfirst into the world of ghost hunting. You must come face to face with ghosts as you blur the line between life and death. – NIS America


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