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Next Nippon Ichi Software Video Game Title Teased By Countdown Site


There are certain things companies can do in this industry to raise hype: Some choose to release trailers of their new games, others decide to simply advertise that there will be a new game but there are a special few that, well…they just like to tease fans. Nippon Ichi Software, also known more commonly as NIS, have today launched a website that is essentially counting down to an the announcement of their ‘next big thing’.

The website, which you can check out by Clicking Here, is pretty bare bones when it comes to actual information. Really, it’s just well-composed photograph of a a beautiful woman of oriental background in traditional garb holding a PlayStation Vita. Next to her is what looks to be a chest of gold, as you can clearly see in the picture above. This website will be updated every day at exactly 12:00am (Japanese time).

Whether or not the ‘update’ will just bring about another picture similar to the last or some actual information on the title is beyond me at this point in time. I’m simply excited because I’m a huge fan of NIS and, well…I’m also a huge fan of fantastic photography. The text you will see over the image will change from day to day with it, at this point in time, reading “6 Days Until The Next Tryst”. Now, I’m going to be honest and say I have absolutely no idea what that means but damn am I ready for it!


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