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Newely Announced PS Vita Game Has You Working Like A True Mangaka


Readers, allow me to open myself up a little bit, this will allow me to become closer to you while also serving as a perfect segue into the actual news: I, Frank Anthony Inglese, has always dreamed of being a Manga/Comic Book artist. It started when I was but a child; all I wanted to do was draw! Eventually I was introduced to Manga, well…that was the day my hobby exploded into a burning passion!

Now, at twenty years of age, I still want to write and illustrate my own Manga/Comic Book but there’s always something standing in my way, something strong, something tempting, something…wonderful: Games. For too long games have stood in my way. They’re just so tantalizing dammit! Now though, that has all changed because a new game for the PlayStation Vita was announced, a new game that has players create their very own Manga Two worlds have finally collided! Stardom, here I come!


The game, which has been titled ‘Manga Ka Keeru’, is currently in the middle of development and is being spearheaded by a production company called Granzella who are responsible for a lot of the Japan-based PlayStation Home content. Remember PlayStation Home? It’s that feature on PlayStation devices that I’m not sure people actually use?

Well Granzella will be straying away from their usual development habits and instead be working to complete ‘Manga Ka Keeru’. Now the game was literally just announced and I’m pretty sure that means, as of right now, it is only going to be released in Japan. I know I’ve been referring to it as a ‘game’ but I believe it’s more like a Manga-making program. That is my opinion alone though as the developers have actually come out and said that it is “a game where anyone can easily have fun while creating manga”.

I do think this is a brilliant idea for a game/program and the fact that it is going to be released on the PlayStation Vita, the worlds most under-appreciated console right now, is just making me even more excited. Past experiences have me doubting that ‘Manga Ka Keeru’ will ever make it to the West but we can still hope right? Right?!


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