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Natural Doctrine – Western Release Date Announced


– Natural Doctrine —

Haven’t heard of ‘Natural Doctrine’? That’s ok, until a week or two ago I was in the same shoes as you. ‘Natural Doctrine’, like a lot of RPGs out there, is set in a fantasy world populated by a slew of different races and species, some nice but others evil. As the player, you control a guard soldier named Jeff who’s main job in life is to venture out into dangerous places, wiping out benevolent forces and making it safe to travel to therefor opening the area up to be examined and excavated for its natural resources. Jeff’s life gets turned upside down one day when his crew and he run discover something that could mean the destruction of his kingdom.

This game – developed and published by Kadokawa Games – was released in Japan back in April and, while it received good scores by critics, sold poorly. NIS America recently picked up the publishing rights to the title for North America and Europe, and has just recently announced the official release dates for the title. North Americans will get the game on the 16th of September whereas European gamers will be able to get their hands on it a few days later on the 19th of September.

It is set to be released on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and will be made purchasable digitally as well as through video game retailers. Announced alongside the release dates for the upcoming title comes the limited edition version of the game which comes with a poster, an art book and a bag with the game’s logo on it. The standard game, as well as it’s limited edition friend, can be preordered now through the official NIS America site which you can get to by clicking here. Want to see more of the game? Cool! We’ve got one of it’s trailers ready for you to watch just below!

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