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Naruto SUN Storm Revolution Gets Two More Promotional Videos


Out of the frying pan, into the morgue

Slated for a September release, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is not too far away. Though it certainly is a mouthful to say. Heading to PS3 and Xbox 360, the title will feature over 100 of your favourite ninjas for you to pit against each other in mortal combat. “Realistically” speaking it might not exactly be fair to throw Madara Uchiha and Konohamaru into the ring together, but the game isn’t going to stop you. Enjoy yourself.

The longer of the two promo vids showcases a number of features that lie within SUN Storm Revolution. Teams are divided into three subsets, known as Drive, Awakening, Ultimate Jutsu. Awakening allows characters to unlock their own latent abilities, such as Naruto’s Jinchuuriki forms, to dole out some serious punishment. Ultimate Jutsu on the other hand, relies on the members of each team, with various bonds providing unique attacks, the Uzumaki family’s True Taikyoku Rasengan for example. Finally, Drive types utilise cooperation in order to mete out pain…oh yeah, and seal opponents Awakening and Ultimate Jutsu capabilities. So watch out for these guys.

A brief video for the PC version of the game, which is exclusive to outside of Japan (sorry Japan), revealed the inclusion of Storm League. This mode allows players to enter tournaments with others from around the world (except from Japan) and fight to see who is the best ninja around. You think you can go head-to-head with the best? Bandai Namco has the information you need to be able to jump into the fray with the rest of the fighters:

  1. Register (Gamer Tag/PSN ID) on the official site:

 o Storm League Official Website – Click Here

2.    Browse active competition:

o    Check-in

o    Play Matches

o    Confirm Results

2.     Create Competition:

o    Enter details for the desired format (Date, Number of Players, Game/Platform etc.)

o    Open Competition for Registration

o    Play & Enjoy!

Offering a full and easy-to-access platform to our fans is truly a pleasure to all of us at BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe. We have been working hard on this project over the past few months in order to gather all the feedbacks from fans, and once again we heard you! And to make things even better: the STORM League will be usable from now on thanks to the online feature on the demo*! Finding the perfect counsellor and guide for the STORM League was easy since ESL is well-known for its AAA projects.” – Herve Hoerdt, Vice President of IP Strategy at BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe

So sit back, enjoy the videos and wait for September to roll around. That being said, first copies of the game will include an additional anime episode featuring Itachi facing off against his most dangerous foe: breakfast. But fear not Itachi fans, he comes prepared. Clad in an apron, there is no way he could possibly fail…right?


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