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Multiplayer “Tag Climax Mode” Announced For Bayonetta 2


Playing games alone can be pretty…lonely. It is even worse when the video game you’re playing happens to be one of the best to ever grace the industry! It’s like torture not being able to actively share the experience with a friend. Torture, I say!

It delights me to bring you the news that Platinum has today revealed that there will be a co-op/multiplayer mode in their upcoming video game sequel ‘Bayonetta 2’ where you and a friend can team up to fight hordes of enemies or some seriously powerful boss-types. This feature titled ‘Tag Climax’ Mode’ will allow you to choose from a whole bunch of environments and battles from the game’s story to play on with a friend but you must first reach the points of those particular environments and battles on your own before they become available to play as a duo.

This is the same for characters, weapons and equipable accessories. Basically the more into the story you are, the more you can do in multiplayer mode. Each stage, which are shown in the form of ‘Verse Cards’, have multiple difficultly levels that you can access by betting the in-game ‘currency’ ‘Halos’. The more ‘Halo’s’ you lay down, the more you will get in return, but that all depends on whether or not you’re good enough to beat the difficult level.

Just a few months after their last tangle with the Legions of Paradiso, Bayonetta and Jeanne clash with a group of Angels who attacked a city in the middle of a parade. In the midst of battle, a demon summon takes a turn for the worse and Jeanne is claimed by the infernal spirits of the underworld. After some timely advice from her informant Enzo, Bayonetta learns the location of the Gates of Hell, which she must now use to descend into the depths of Inferno and rescue her friend from eternal damnation. – Kane Bugeja, ‘SnapThirty’

‘Bayonetta 2’ for the Wii U is set to be released in Japan on the 20th of September with releases in North America and Europe to come sometime in October.



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