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Monster Hunter 4 – Capcom Reveals Weapon Design Contest Winner


It was a while back and you may not remember but Capcom started up their very own weapon design contest for their upcoming video game release ‘Monster Hunter 4’. Though the game has already been released in Japan, Capcom decided that they would give their Western hunters a chance to be immortalized in the next big hunting title. The contest was opened up to designers from both North America and Europe with a European winner being announced a while back.

This Hunting Horn titled, ‘The Emperor’s Speech, was designed to resemble a pig sitting on a throne which oinked when used. The winner from North America’s weapon design took a different route, trading comedy for ‘badassitude’, for lack of a better word. This glaive-type weapon is titled ‘Clockwork Contraption’ and comes with it’s very own robotic beetle…if having a huge steampunk spear wasn’t cool enough for you.

This weapon will feature in the Western release of the game, alongside ‘The Emperor’s Speech’, which will get a release in North America and Europe on the Nintendo 3DS sometime early next year. For now though, you can head down just below to check out the video of the ‘Clockwork Contraption’ in all it’s mechanized glory!


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