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Monopoly Nets A Hyrulian Update


Prepare to enter the perilous world of property development

So…this is happening. The ever expansive and beloved world of The Legend of Zelda has decided to broaden it’s horizons ever so slightly and enter into the Monopoly franchise. As I’m sure you can guess, said new version of the classic board game will feature an overhaul, replacing names, money and pieces with those of a more Hyrulian feel. Those who purchase their version at GameStop will also receive a few extra little bonuses, including: custom square box packaging, a bonus Ocarina of Time token, six Item Power Cards for added game play, and an 11″ x 17″ Hyrule Map Lithograph in a Treasure Chest Holder.

Set for a September 15th release, the Zelda/Monopoly fusion will cost $39.99. So grab your own board and you could soon fight your friends and family for complete dominion over Hyrule. Just like Ganon did…


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