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“Mighty No.9” July Update Gameplay Trailer Released


The second Kickstarter campaign for Keiji Inafune’s ‘Might No.9’ is going very strong and that’s no surprise seeing as how damn well the first campaign went. As a sign of good faith, ‘Comcept’ (Inafune’s own video game development company) have just released a new trailer for the upcoming ‘Megaman’ spiritual successor.

This two minute long piece of footage was posted to basically show just how well the development of the game is going, proving to backers that their money is being put to good use. Not that anyone every doubted that.

It’s just what makes Inafune and his crew some of the best contemporary video game developers around. Follow Beck again as he blasts, smashes and dashes his way through countless enemies. It’s only a short video but if you’re a die-hard fan of Mr. Inafune’s work, like me, you’ll be happy to see more of the new ‘blue bomber’.

As an added bonus, the Kickstarter page was also updated with a bunch of great art from fans around the world. Click Here to head to the page for all those beautiful pieces as well as some more information on the campaign and the game overall. For the video, just look below. We’ve got you covered!

‘Mighty No.9’ is set for a release on all current/next gen consoles sometime in 2015.


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