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Mighty No. 9: In Progress and Looking Good


It takes time to look this good

If you’re one of the few (hundreds of thousands) of people who have been keeping an eye on Keiji Inafune’s latest project, you’ll be happy to know that some new footage has been released. Though still a work-in-progress, the video showcases some of Beck’s abilities as he takes on baddies in a side scrolling world of awesome.

Comcept were also kind enough to reveal some more information on Beck’s accomplice, the bubbly yet determined Call. Showcasing some animated loops of her movement, the creators wish it to be known that this girl, whilst not built for combat, will do everything she can to help Beck out. Attention has also been drawn to the pink object adorning her back, you know, the one that looks like a sweet jetpack. Though we don’t yet know exactly what Call’s abilities entail, she will certainly be a valuable ally to Beck. Also, don’t you just love wordplay? Rock on Keiji Inafune.









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