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Mighty No.9 – “Beck Springs Into Action” Videos Released


Keiji Inafune and his team over at Inti Creates never leave their fans wanting for too long. It was only last week that we were given some awesome news regarding the MIghty No.9 animated series and the beginning of another Kickstarter campaign, as part of that campaign we have today been given a closer look at just what it is that Beck can do with a series of videos all falling under the title; “Beck Springs Into Action”. Inafune and Co have released four clips, each of which running for exactly thirty seven seconds, just enough time to Beck to strut his stuff and show us just how formidable a hero he truly is.

See Beck run, jump, dash and smash enemies in some of the flashiest ways. The blue bomber would be proud of his spiritual successor…it almost makes me…want to cry. Below we’ve provided all four of the videos so head down there to check them out. ‘Might No.9’ isn’t set for a release until sometime next year so there’s still a long way to go until you can get your hands on this supreme example of a platforming video game. Instead of just sitting around waiting for the game’s release, how about helping fund it? If you feel like sparing a bit of your money for the sake of young Beck, Click Here to head over to the Kickstarter campaign page and join the many who are donating funds to the project.

Basic Actions:

Climbing Action:

Dash Action:

Absorb Action:


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