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Mega Salamence, Altaria and Lopunny Revealed For Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire


Just when you start craving more, Nintendo delivers you exactly what it is you want! That’s why they’re royalty in the video game industry. The latest issue of Japan’s ‘CoroCoro’ magazine, as usually, has revealed much about the upcoming remakes including three more ‘Pokemon’ who have landed themselves a ‘Mega Evolution. Salamence, Altaria and Lopunny are the latest ‘pocket monsters’ to transcend the typical three tier transformation system and into infinity!

With their new transformations come new looks and new abilities: Mega Salamence gains the ‘Aerilate’ ability which turns all ‘Normal-type’ moves into ‘Flying-type’ moves and gives the power a 30% boost. This ability was originally only available to Mega Pinsir. Mega Altaria, the now brutal Dragon/Fairy-type combination, gains the ability ‘Pixilate’ which is an ability similar to ‘Aerilate’ but instead of changing ‘Normal-type’ movies into ‘Flying-type’ moves, it turns them into ‘Fairy-type’ moves. Mega Lopunny, who becomes a ‘Normal/Fighting-type’ combination, gains the ability ‘Scrappy’ which allows ‘Normal-type’ and ‘Fighting-type’ moves to land when going up against ‘Ghost-types’. A perfect ability for Mega Lopunny who looks as though it’ll be a devastating physical attacker.

The magazine scans also announced that when changing a Pikachu’s costume for contests, it allows the ‘Pokemon’ to gain certain attacks that somewhat relate to the way they now look. The ‘Rock Star’ costume gives Pikachu ‘Meteor Mash’, the Ph. D. costume ‘Electric Terrain’, the ‘Pop Star’ Costume ‘Draining Kiss’, the ‘Belle’ costume ‘Icicle Crash’ and last but not least the ‘Lucha Libre’ costume gives Pikachu the move ‘Flying Press’. All of which, if implemented properly, could make Pikachu all the more formidable.

The final reveal from the Japanese magazine is a small piece of info regarding an event within the game that will have players nab themselves a shiny Beldum which comes with it’s very own Mega Stone. This gives each and every player the chance to get a Mega Evolution that isn’t their starter without even trying but for those of you out there like me who happen to love the look of Mega Metagross…this is some brilliant news! The game will have you meeting many quirky characters like Lucia who will help you through ‘Pokemon’ contests and give you some nice new clothes to put on your monstrous pals.

The ‘Pokemon’ video game remakes ‘Omega Ruby’ and ‘Alpha Sapphire’ for the Nintendo 3DS are set for a release in Japan, North America and Australia on the 21st of NOvember this year with Europe getting the game a couple days later on the 28th. Try not to rub it in their faces.


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