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“Mega Man Battle Network” Wii U Release Date Revealed


Megaman.EXE is absolutely a program I’d love to have on my personal computer but, unfortunately, something that amazing has yet to have been developed though I’m hoping that some sort of P.E.T-style device will be put out on the market sometime in the near future. Now if you have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok, it just means you’re not a fan of the surprisingly highly-popular ‘Mega Man’ spinoff video game series ‘Battle Network’.

This series takes ‘Mega Man’ and makes it entirely digital in ways somewhat reminiscent of the ‘Digimon’ franchise. Unlike the original line of ‘Mega Man’ titles, this series of GameBoy Advanced/Nintendo DS games this follows a version of Mega Man who isn’t quite a robot boy but he IS a pivotal part of a wave of futuristic technology that is sweeping the world. So in some ways he’s the same old Mega Man, just with a new twist. Follow the story of Lan, a young boy who must fight the forces of WWW (World Three) in order to save the Earth from the grasp of an all-encompassing virus. He alongside his friends (and Megaman) must jack into the World Wide Web and take out the virus where it lives!

The series uses a hybrid action-RPG/card battle system. Battle screens feature a 6×3 grid, with each character initially controlling half of the playing field, which can be modified by Battle Chips. Like the original games, MegaMan has the use of his weapon, the MegaBuster, but in this series, additional weapons can be downloaded to MegaMan for one-time use through small computer chips held by Lan known as Battle Chips. A secondary objective is the collection of Battle Chips, and the organization of Battle Chips in such a manner as to augment MegaMan’s powers. With the success of the collectible genre with series such as Pokémon, Battle Network games (beginning with BN3) were released in two similar versions, and had content that were exclusive to one version of the game. – Wikipedia, (Mega Man Battle Network)

In the latest video by ‘Ninento Minute’, where they caught up with CAPCOM community manager Brett Elston, it was announced that the original ‘Mega Man battle Network’ GameBoy Advanced game will be hitting the Nintendo Wii U eShop on the 31st of this month (July)! That means the game is only six days away from being released and then we can all enjoy the RPG brilliance of a game that has etched itself out in history as being in a league of it’s own!

At least, that’s what I think of it, but then again I am a huge Megaman.EXE fan…clearly. The video’s trio talk about all things ‘Mega Man’, CAPCOM and Comic-Con as well as showing off some new products and playing one of the classic ‘Mega Man’ titled. The video can be seen in full below and I seriously suggest you keep an eye out on the Nintendo eShop of the next week in anticipation of the game’s re-release.


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