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“Mega Man Battle Network” Now Available On The Wii U + More Games To Come


If you’ve been following recent news very closely you may be aware that today Capcom has official re-released the ‘Mega Man’ GameBoy Advanced title ‘Battle Network’ on the Wii U. It was announced just over a week ago that the game would be getting a release and you probably thought that would be the most exciting thing about today but it isn’t.

Alongside making ‘Mega Man Battle Network’ available for those of you lucky enough to own a Wii U, Capcom also announced that they have plans to release one ‘Mega Man’ game for each week in August. That’s fantastic! What’s more fantastic? They’ve gone ahead and revealed what games will be coming to the console and they’re as follows: ‘Mega Man 5’, ‘Mega Man 6’, ‘Mega man X3’ and ‘Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge’.

This is brilliant news for fans of the ‘Blue Bomber’, it’ll be like a month-long Christmas and every week you can buy yourself a new present. For now, I say go ahead an enjoy ‘Battle Network’ which, once again is available, but keep an eye on the eShop for all these other releases. By the end of the month you’ll have one heck of a ‘Mega Man’ collection.


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