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Majora’s Mask Project Continues


A fan can dream…

Back in the bygone time of 2012, Zelda fans rejoiced when a trailer was released showing Majora’s Mask recreated in HD. Alas, said trailer was not official, merely an unbelievably detailed personal project. Artists Pablo Belmonte and Paco Martinez, of their own volition, set out to renew the dark entry in the Zelda franchise and continue to show the fruits of their labour.

A new video reveals that the duo had no intention of merely stopping at a trailer, continuing to work on recreating environments, enemies and any other asset you can think of. Unfortunately, their project possesses very little hope of ever becoming playable, merely due to the limitations that come with a two person workforce. However, the ultimate purpose of this endeavour does lean towards this goal. The two hope to present their work to Nintendo and get the ball rolling on the remake that all Zelda fans are clamouring for.

But, as it stands, we have no way of knowing how successful the artists’ project will be. So for now, all we can do is hope that Nintendo hears the passion of its fans and brings Termina back into the spotlight.


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