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Japanese Gamers To Receive A Hefty New “Bravely Default” Demo


If you’ve been reading articles on this site ever since it first went live, you’d know that I consider the Japanese gaming population to be quite a lucky one. They get everything! Us living in countries outside of Japan are lucky to get even half of the video game releases they do and even then we usually miss out on certain things like DLC. ‘Square Enix’ today revealed that they will be releasing a new demo for their highly popular contemporary RPG title ‘Bravely Default’. It is odd for a video game demo to be released long after that of the full game’s but, well…here we are! There’s something different about this demo though.

‘Square Enix’ have done something quite gutsy while at the same time extremely intelligent; they’ve rereleased the ‘Bravely Default’ demo but this time players will be able to access the first four chapters of the game which actually tells about half of the story. Keep in mind that this is a 50+ hour RPG title. This means Japanese gamers will be able to play through hours and hours of ‘Bravely Default’ without having to pay a single cent! Another smart move by ‘Square Enix’; players can then choose to upgrade their demo into the full game and continue their playthrough for about ¥2,000 which roughly equals US$20.

This is called the ‘Bravely Default: For the Sequel — Full Free Play Edition’ and it basically adds everything missing from the demo and turns it into the full game. This is a pretty big deal, reader. I don’t believe something of this kind has ever been done before but I can imagine that this will kick off some sort of trend that will encompass the video game world much like that of DLC. This gives Japanese gamers the perfect chance to catch up on the game before it’s sequel ‘Bravely Second’ is released. They’ll have plenty of time to play ‘Bravely Default’ though, considering ‘Bravely Second’ doesn’t even have a release date.

Unfortunately no plans for a Western eShop release of this demo and/or upgrade system have been disclosed so I highly doubt it will be coming our way. That doesn’t entirely matter though, what matters is that ‘Square Enix’ are doing something different, something intuitive and something that benefits the players in a big way. I hope this catches on!


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