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“Hyrule Warriors” – Second Princess Zelda Trailer Released

Hyrule-Warriors-Princess-Zelda-Wind-Waker-Trailer-01The lovely princess is back in all her kick-arse glory! Tecmo Koei has today released another Zelda-centric character trailer for their upcoming Wii U exclusive ‘Hyrule Warriors’ and I must say she is looking damn fierce! The difference between this trailer and the last? Well did the glamorous princess wield the ‘Wind Waker’ in the last trailer? No, I didn’t think so, but she does in this one!

Take control of the wind as you slice your way through hordes of enemies with Princess Zelda, the lovely heroine that is ultimately as cool and powerful as the hero Link. That doesn’t surprise me though, the game IS named after her so really she should be the best out of all the characters. The new trailer shows off all her moves as she dishes out some smack down to all the canon fodder standing in her way.

It goes for about a minute and a half and is sure to scratch your ‘Hyrule Warriors’ itch. The game is set for a release in Japan on the Wii U this August and is to be followed up by a release in Europe on the 19th of September with the North American release being on the 26th of September.


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