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Heads up, Australia! ‘One Piece – Unlimited World Red’ Hits Our Shores Tomorrow!


Are you all as excited as me about the Australian release of “One Piece – Unlimited World Red”?! Surely any good “One Piece” fan would be, not to say you’re a bad “One Piece” fan just because you’re heart isn’t about to beat out of your chest in such violent anticipation…moving on. It may be my intense love for the wonderful series that has forced me into this almost life-threatening state of anticipation, or it could be that I’m just glad to see that the PlayStation Vita is actually getting some attention…either way; tomorrow is the day that I can finally put my worries away and just get up to some no good pirate mischief.

So this game, “One Piece – Unlimited World Red”, what’s so damn good about it? Good question, me. Allow me to explain: Developed by Ganbarion and published by Bandai Namco Games, this “One Piece” title, once again, takes players on the journey of a lifetime as they join the Straw Hat Crew on some familiar adventures. As of right now, this game seems like a typical “One Piece” title but I believe it is all in the way you look at it.

What attracted me to this game was the promise of four player co-op which means my friends and I all get to hang out together in the same room (like we used to do back when I was a kid), pick our favorite characters, play through our favorite story arcs and beat each other up if necessary. It’s just what friends do! “Unlimited World Red” also follows some of the more recent “One Piece” story arcs which mean a lot of us will be experiencing them for the very first time in-game. I could honestly go on forever but I won’t, instead I’ll give you this and maybe by the end of it you’ll be thinking like me:

As you may have noticed in the video (thank you, Bandai Namco Games Europe), there are a couple new characters who will be making their debut in the new game. Pato, your new tanuki-like friend, and Patrick Redfield, the official antagonist of the new title, are just two of the unfamiliar characters that you’ll come across while playing through “Unlimited World Red”. You know what makes these characters so much appealing? There were designed by series creator Eiichiro Oda himself! Look, I’m not being paid by Bandai Namco Games to talk their new title up, I’m simply a fan of the series and a fan of it’s games. Why wouldn’t I want to share my love with all of you?!

Anyway let’s move onto a little bit of information to wrap all this up: “One Piece – Unlimited World Red” is set for a release across Australia and New Zealand tomorrow on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS with a Wii U version to be released at a later date. Fans who have prepared for the release of this game will already be aware that the “Chopper Edition” for the game has also been made purchasable in Australia through certain retailers. This special edition version of the game comes with a whole bunch of goodies that include DLC for the game, an artbook, a wall scroll, some stickers and other little knick-knacks I’m sure people will enjoy.

I imagine this edition would have been in high demand over the past few months so if you haven’t preordered it by now I don’t think there will be a high chance you’ll be able to get your hands on it, though ask at your local store anyway. Who knows? Maybe they might have one or two laying about.Get up bright and early tomorrow so you can get the game as soon as you possibly can! pay close attention to the site because fellow writer/co-founder Kane Bugeja and I have something exciting planned regarding “One Piece – Unlimited World Red”, something we hope you’re all going to enjoy.


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