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Hanging out with Sonic 25th Anniversary Plush (Toys R Us)



I don’t usually browse Toys R Us, especially since they stopped carrying video games several years ago, but today I stumbled upon some pretty sweet Sonic merchandise. Among them was a pretty fine official Sonic 25th Anniversary plush the was just recently released (had a “New” label on it) in the store, and it was just too good to pass by.

Sonic’s 25th anniversary may not have been commemorated with an actual video game release, but SEGA and Sonic Team did announce and reveal not one but two huge Sonic games for 2017: an all new 2D adventure title Sonic Mania, and an all new 3D adventure that looks to be a follow up to the excellent Sonic Generations.

In the meantime, some classic Sonic merch will satisfy until those games land. For a RRP of AUD $39.99, I was pretty pleased with my purchase, not to mention Mr. Sonic made himself feel right at home.

Here he is enjoying some Sonic Jam on the Saturn

Here he is enjoying some Sonic Jam on the Saturn



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