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Gun Gale Online DLC Announced For Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment


Are you watching the latest Anime season? Trick question, reader! Of course you are! Let me guess; I bet you’re following ‘Sword Art Online II’ right? Why else would you be here?! Fans of ‘SAO’ listen up because this is news specifically for you. While us here in the West are waiting in high anticipation of the upcoming PlayStation Vita title ‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment’, Japanese gamers are living it up with their copies of the game.

Not only that, a new DLC pack for the game was just announced and, if you ask me, it is pretty damn cool. The standout feature of the new DLC pack is arguably the two Gun Gale Online-themed costumes for both Kirito and Sinon. This has come at a perfect time seeing as the new series has just begun but that’s not all the DLC has to offer! Oh no, not even close! Alongside the aforementioned costumes come a level capacity upgrade (with players being able to now reach level 250), brand-new weapons to obtain, more difficult bosses to take on, an extra quest (which has been called ‘Grand Quest’), a couple new explorable areas, the option to go on a date with Sachi and the ability to talk business with Argo the information broker.

For players who have already finished the game, this is a fantastic addition that will add hours of gameplay to the ‘SAO’ title. For us without the game…let’s just hope we too get the chance to grab this DLC when the game gets released. Here’s something cool for you; the Japanese commercial for the DLC which you can watch just below!


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