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Godzilla video game in the works for PS3

godzilla-roar‘ROAR’ and ‘ARGHHH’ – Those are the famous words of the King of all Monsters. The hero that has inspired countless generations of monster lovers will be starring in his own brand new game from Bandai Namco Games. That’s right Godzilla will be getting a new video-game and it will be stomping a path onto the PlayStation 3.

The announcement came through Famitsu magazine this past week. The magazine confirms that the game is currently 40% of the way through its development. Unfortunately the article neglects to mention whether or not that guy from Kick-Ass would rock up in the game and ruin it. I for one certainly hope not, I also hope to bleach any memory of his performance in the 2014 Godzilla film from my mind, but we aren’t all so lucky.

The Godzilla video-game is set to destroy people’s wallets in Japan come Winter 2014. No word on whether it’ll be heading over to the Western front, but you know ole’ Zilla, he likes to get around.


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