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Gamestop Celebrates Halloween with a Pokemon Treat


Your foes won’t stand a ghost of a chance

Do you live in America? Do you know where to find a Gamestop? Are you a fan of Pokemon? If you answered yes then congratulations, you are in a group that can nab themselves a little something extra as the scary holiday season rolls around. From OCtober 13th-26th, Gamestop will be distributing a special Gengar (because he’s a ghost and Halloween and stuff). Not only is this ethereal friend shiny, it also comes with a Gengarite, allowing you to power up and decimate your opponents. Really, Mega Gengar is a really good Pokemon. Plus, just to make it a little more unique, this Gengar comes equipped with Sludge Wave, a move it cannot normally learn. Neat.

While your at it, why not jump onto the Nintendo Network and grab the special Halloween Pumpkaboo as well? You can never have to many ghosts on your side and a Super-Size pumpkin sounds like a fun ally to have. Especially one that knows how to trick and treat.


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