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Fun-Sized Doom | Boomerang X

You know if Devolver Digital publishes a new game, it is going to be either insanely fun, quirky, or a mixture of both, and Boomerang X is no exception. Developed by DANG!, a studio who seems to be a newbie to the game-making industry, Boomerang X is their first project released to gamers. All I can say is: Devolver Digital doesn’t miss a beat with their choice of releases and that seems to be the case here. DANG! did a dang good job here, too.

What can I say about Boomerang X? What if I told you that it was an awesome action game that, at first, really appealed to the Australian in me. That’s right: there is a boomerang. You throw it; it comes back to you; it travels at fast speed and slices through enemies along the way. The game makes you feel like John Wick, or some kind of ninja. There is a lot of fast-paced action and it is quite reminiscent of Doom, or just about any arena shooter which involves fluid movement and FPS mechanics. The game perhaps lends itself to speed running, as I can imagine playing it through multiple times and perfecting those reflexes to beat the last run. For those that cannot get enough of the short-but-sweet game, there is a New Game + option which increases in difficulty drastically, so that will definitely pack on the hours. The enemies are well designed and unique, some having weak spots that you need to target, others being simpler in design. The difficulty in regular mode seemed to be consistent throughout the whole game, until about the last two levels, where the difficulty escalated. The enemies became harder to target, meaning you will have to take advantage of their weak spots and require quicker reflexes to down. 

The art style screams that “indie vibe”. Its colourful, unique, and is a pleasure to look at. The package as a whole is lovely, well presented, and a joy to play through. I think the only thing to consider is the price. Boomerang X is a title that can be completed in as little as two hours, and for most people that’s enough. Like many, I like being able to complete a game from start to finish in one sitting, to get to experience the package as a whole. However, the length in comparison to the price upon release is something for the player to consider if they are looking for a longer, more varied title. On Steam, the game retails at A$28.95 and may not be something that satiates a gamer who can’t afford to drop that kind of cash for a short (albeit good) experience. The game is one where it’s easy enough to play, but difficult to master. You could spend time on mastering the game; it does have replayability especially with New Game + being an option.


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