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Freedom Wars – Update Details Released


Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when certain news regarding Japanese gamers finding ‘Freedom Wars’ too hard was floating around the web? Do you remember when video game producer Junichi Yoshizawa came out and said that the development team were currently working on an update to fix the difficulty problem? You do?!

Well it doesn’t actually matter because this update has absolutely nothing to do with the aforementioned bug. Japan’s ‘Famitsu’ magazine recently posted an information page up on their online publication which both announces and details a massive update for the game. Now, as mentioned, this update does nothing about the insane difficulty level but it does add a couple extra features that will surely boost overall gameplay value for the Sony Computer Entertainment title.

The new update will add the ‘Internet Co-Op Play’ feature which will allow players to do exactly that; play matches over the internet with anyone around the world rather than just through ad-hoc. Don’t stress if you’re more of a ‘close proximity’ gamer because the ad-hoc multiplayer option will still be there, it’ll just have a new friend to keep it company in the menu.


New missions will be added, ones that will allow you to go head-to-head with other ‘Panopticons’ which are basically huge teams made up of many players. This mode will be ranked: Winning a game will raise your GDPP, which is essentially just an overall rank, and loosing will lower your GDPP. Hardcore gamers will love this gameplay option as it is extremely competitive.

Personal leaderboards will be added with high-ranking players earning special items. It’s a case of ‘the rich keep getting richer’; if you’re good at the game you’re just going to get more weapons that make you better at the game so train up and try to be the best! Not that you weren’t already going to be doing that. Last but not least is the co-op gameplay addition that allows for players to take on certain missions together without first taking them on independently. This basically means there’s no prep before jumping into a co-op game.

‘Freedom Wars’ has already been released in Japan but there’s no actual word on the release date for this update but it should be around sometime soon. The PlayStation Vita title has already been announced for the West though, like the update, there’s no specific release date. What we do know is that it will be hitting local shelves sometime by the end of the year so keep an eye out for that!


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