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“Freedom Wars” Japanese Launch Video Released


Imagine being born and within seconds of your new life you’re thrown into prison. That’s pretty damn terrible right? I mean, what did you do in there? You couldn’t have killed a guy, that straight up doesn’t make sense! *cough cough* Regardless of what it was that landed you in such ‘hot water’, you’re now a prisoner of the new world. Congratulations! From now until the day you die, you will be forced to battle gigantic, part-mechanical, demon monsters who’s only intentions are to wipe out what is left of the human race…at least you still get three square meals a day. Eating only bread and water is a good way to stay in shape, I hear.

Don’t look at this too negatively though, you’re equipped with a whole bunch of high-powered weaponry to help you fight against these ‘Abductors’, as they’re called. Guns, swords, thick vines that shoot from your hand, you’ve got everything you need to be able to defend yourself against these genocidal beings so relax! You’ve also got yourself a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones which, while serving as no aid in the battle against these monsters, means you can listen to ‘Started From The Bottom’ by Drake on repeat all the way up until you’re pummeled into the ground, shot to pieces or are entirely eviscerated by these unstoppable beasts. Hey, who knows, you may actually win.



Oh man, this game seriously sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve been excited for ‘Freedom Wars’ ever since it was announced very late last year which means I’m immeasurably jealous that the game has today been released in Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have teamed up with developer studios Dimps and Shift to create what will hopefully be one of the greatest PlayStation Vita titles ever released. Boasting unique and high octane action alongside in-depth multiplayer mechanics and a story the likes of which we’ve never seen before, ‘Freedom Wars’ is set to be one hell of video game experience and it’s actually getting a release in the West!

Unfortunately that may not be for a while, SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) has yet to say anything regarding a specific Western release date but I say we just revel in the fact that we know it is actually coming. To celebrate the official launch of the game over in Japan, SCE has released a huge ‘Freedom Wars’ video which goes for a whopping twelve minutes and takes audiences through each and every aspect of the game. Though entirely in Japanese, it isn’t too hard to pick up exactly what it is the video is laying down, though some things will go right over your head like they did mine. Regardless, you should make yourself a cup of coffee, sit down at your desk, clear your schedule for the next twelve minutes and check out this video. I guarantee you wont be disappointed.


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