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Fire Emblem Characters Enter Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Through the Power of Amiibo



Ok, so you’ve got a fictionalised, steampunk version of dear old London, wherein a turn based strategy game will flourish. You’ve got a cast of characters all taken from American literature, or history, who have been adapted into said world. Cool, sounds pretty finished to me. What’s that? You want more characters to choose from? You know, that’s fair. Well, there’s only one crew that I can think of to throw into this steam powered rendition of American novels: Fire Emblem. Ok, so it might not be the first group I thought of, but it seems like it’s what Nintendo did.

Via the sheer sorcery that is the Amiibo system, you can now (or will be able to upon release) tap your figure onto the new 3DS and add to your game. So take a break from Tom Sawyer and give Ike a chance to fight some evil, people like Ike after all. Or bust out someone a little more recent and throw Lucina into the fray, heck even Robin is there.

Though no real details on the limitations of using said characters, if there even are any, have been revealed, there is a short trailer for all to enjoy. I’m ready!


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