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“Fire Emblem: Awakening” Stars Join The New “Super Smash Bros.” Roster Alongside Veteran Fighter Captain Falcon


We’ve been waiting for some new characters to be announced for the upcoming party brawler ‘Super Smash Bros.’ for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, well here they are! Nintendo, through a live streaming event, released a brand-new character introduction trailer for the upcoming fighting game but, to the delight of audiences around the world, it wasn’t a trailer only introducing a single character like the teaser for this stream detailed…no, we got something much more than that! Lucina, Robin AND Captain Falcon have now been confirmed as playable characters for the new game! Robin, in case you are a little confused as to who this actually is, is the main character from the ‘Fire Emblem: Awakening” game.

This character is one that you customize to your liking, making it look however you want it to and naming it after yourself, if you so wish. He/She alongside the game’s mysterious protagonist Lucina will come together for ‘Smash Bros.’ to fight the forces of evil on whatever stage it is they choose…also, Captain Falcon who puts up one hell of a fight in the trailer. Douglas Jay Falcon is back and beefier than ever! Entering the fray with his infamous ‘Falcon Punch!’, Captain Falcon goes up against Lucina in this trailer and almost proves too much of an adversary.

Robin, which can be played in both male and female form, steps in to lend Lucina a helping hand. Grasping a sword and tome, Robin is an unrivaled magical warrior! Despite how Chrom was down-and-out from the start of the trailer, he will get his chance to shine in the new game…though unfortunately not as a playable character. Now I can sit here all day and explain why fellow writer Kane Bugeja and I were right about Lucina and the “Fire Emblem: Awakening” main character joining the game but I’ll refrain from letting too much of my egotistical side reign free.

Instead, I’ll give you all exactly what you want: A bunch of screenshots for the newly-announced characters and their introduction trailer, of which you can see just below. The new ‘Super Smash Bros.’ on the 3DS is set for a release in Japan on the 13th of September and in North America on the 3rd of October with an Australian release to soon follow. Fans looking forward to the Wii U version will be waiting a little longer seeing as the game will not be released for the console until the very end of the year.





Captain Falcon:


By Book, Blade And Crest Of Fire:


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