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Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 HD Reveal Some Gorgeous Trailers and Release Info


Almost there…

No you didn’t read wrong fellow FF fanatics, Square Enix has just released a brad new look at the long, long anticipated FFXV and Type-0 HD. Both trailers depict a number of locations, showcasing some of the new gameplay styles that will appear in each game, whilst also spending plenty of time to show you just how good the games look. Final Fantasy has always been known for its incredible visual elements, so just imagine what they can accomplish on the newest generation of consoles.

Along with the trailer for FFXV, it was also announced that Tetsuya Nomura would be stepping away from the game in order to focus on projects that could only be made possible by himself, as was the official declaration. In his place, Hajime Tabata (director of Type-0) will see the game through to its eventual release somepoint in the future. Although it is also known that Type-0 HD will hit America on March 17th and Europe on March 20th. We have a date people! Also, said game will ship with a voucher code for a FFXV demo known as Episode Duscae.

So sate your FF longing with the trailers below and take great solace in the fact that these two games draw ever closer. That’s what I’m doing.


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