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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV Net New Trailers


Get your kicks on Route 72

Courtesy of a little shindig known as Jump Festa 2014, the duo of upcoming Final Fantasy titles have received new trailers. Highlighting some of the title’s fast paced combat, Type-0’s trailer presents Class Zero’s struggle against those who would attack the Dominion of Rubrum, as well as the trials they faces as students of war. The innate maturity of which is captured by the haunting song that overlays the trailer’s opening, though it later fades into a more triumphant tune, not that it makes it any less sad.

Not to be outdone, Final Fantasy XV also presents some of its exciting features and familiar faces, complete with full English voiceover. Additionally, you may enjoy looking at the towns that populate the game and create the world at large and showcase the more industrial vibe of the game…also there’s a giant Eidolon. It’s name is Titan and it’s big.


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