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FIFA for Anime Fans – Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions – Humble Opinions

Football video games are trotted out by the year with little more than a face lift. Yet football fanatics, loyal as they are, purchase the latest FIFA or PES game each year without fail—mostly because the franchises have earned the trust of the players. The games play very well and are simple yet complex, meaning they can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore players alike; it is undoubted that these football video games are very fun. Enter Captain Tsubasa: Rise of Champions—an anime fan’s FIFA game.

Whether you are in the know about the legendary Captain Tsubasa football anime series or not, there are all the hallmarks of both a great football game and a great anime game here. Not unlike Captain Tsubasa‘s modern equivalent Inazuma Eleven, the players in the game are able to use supernatural abilities to spice up the play with some wild and explosive shots and manoeuvres.

Gameplay-wise, the core foundation of the game is in the football matches themselves. If you have ever played a FIFA game, the football mechanics here won’t come as any surprise. The developers have taken their inspiration from FIFA and PES undoubtedly for the basic football mechanics, with a top down overview of the field. However, things are shaken up with the inclusion of power moves; each player has a variety of moves that can be employed. These special moves range between awesome looking and absolutely ludicrous, but they do enough to give Captain Tsubasa‘s gameplay that anime touch that would likely entice anime fans into giving the game a go.

In terms of career modes, the game offers two possible options. There is the Episode Tsubasa mode which follows the story of the anime and has you following the journey of Tsubasa Ozora himself. The second career mode is Episode New Hero, which allows you to create your own character and play through an original story mode—somewhat similar to the Player Career mode in the FIFA series. Both modes are excellent in their own rights, giving you the option to revisit the story of the anime series, for the hardcore Tsubasa fans, or engage in your own journey and carve out your own football legacy.

Visually, the game is superb and it features a very well composed soundtrack, to boot. The aesthetic style of the Captain Tsubasa anime is perfectly captured here and truly comes alive during the vibrant and exciting power move sequences. There isn’t much more you could ask for in terms of graphics, as the game faithfully recreates some of the anime series’ greatest moments in upscaled visuals for a modern era.

All in all, Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is a game that is sure to please the most hardcore of Captain Tsubasa fans, while also proving to be an exciting football game for fans of the FIFA or PES video games. Its play style is both familiar yet fresh, and it is sure to please almost anyone who is looking for a fun football game—regardless if they are an anime fan or not.


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