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Dragon Quest Awarded “Longest Running JRPG Series” Guiness World Record

Dragon-Quest-Slime-Image-01The 2014 Electronics Entertainment Expo was held last week over in Los Angeles, America and with it came some incredibly exciting news regarding the next generation of gaming. Alongside a slew of new trailers and information about upcoming ‘next gen’ titles came news of a certain little video game series that has just broken the world record for, and I quote; the ‘longest running Japanese RPG series’.

From us here at SnapThirty, we say ‘congratulations’ to Square Enix and their long-running, JRPG franchise ‘Final Fantasy’. Wait…I’m sorry, it looks like I’ve gotten ahead of myself a bit. The actual record breaker is ANOTHER ‘Square Enix’ video game series and the preferred JRPG of Manga writer Yoshihiro Togashi (Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter), of course I’m talking about a series called ‘Dragon Quest’.

‘Square Enix’, as mentioned, accepted the award from the ‘Guiness Book Of World Records’ as part of the E3 2014 celebrations and I guarantee that fans of the series could not be more elated.It’s actually quite hard to wrap your head around straight away but the ‘Dragon Quest’ series began all the way back in 1986 with the release of the game ‘Dragon Warrior’, which was released as ‘Dragon Quest’ in Japan.



The original game was released all that time ago on the NES which already makes the game seem old but no more than when you think about the latest ‘Dragon Quest’ game (Dragon Quest X) which was released two years ago on the Wii, Wii U, Apple and Android devices. Akira Toriyama – creator of the beloved ‘Dragon Ball’ Manga series – has added greatly to the success of ‘Dragon Quest’, lending his design talents to the series since the very beginning.

This, alongside many other aspects of the games, has allowed ‘Dragon Quest’ to comfortably nestle itself in the hearts of Anime and Video Game fans alike. Video games have come so far and what’s amazing is that, without us even realizing, games like ‘Dragon Quest’ have been there every step of the way. Congratulations, ‘Square Enix’ and ‘Dragon Quest’! We hope to see many more games in the near future, even if that means we wont be seeing any new chapters of ‘Hunter X Hunter’ seeing as Togashi-sensei is possibly the world’s biggest fan of the series.

Context: Yoshihiro Togashi – creator of the highly acclaimed Manga series’ ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ and ‘Hunter X Hunter’ – has expressed his love for the ‘Dragon Quest’ video game series countless times throughout his career. The legendary ‘mangaka’ has, on numerous occasions, halted the production of ‘Hunter X Hunter’ simply because a new ‘Dragon Quest’ game was released. This has now become quite a well-known, humorous trait of Yoshihiro Togashi that will forever annoy avid readers of his manga…but we love him regardless! He created ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’, you can’t be mad at him!


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