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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – “Mysterious Character” Screenshots Released


Gosh I love “Dragon Ball Z”. I’ve always been a fan, even before I actually knew it was an Anime. I would love to say something along the lines of “I’ve bought every ‘Dragon Ball Z’ game” but there’s just so many of them! Maybe saying “I wish I owned every ‘Dragon Ball Z’ game” would be more accurate of a statement. Regardless, my love for the series and it’s games still burn bright so it comes as no surprise that I’m really excited for the upcoming fighting game title “Dragon Ball Xenoverse”. The first thing you notice about the game is it’s super bad-arse name…”Xenoverse”…dang. The other thing fans should have already noticed is the new character that featured in the announcement trailer of the game as well as in most of it’s press. This “mysterious character”, as he has been referred to as, has recently made another appearance around the web.

Yes, he’s the star of his own batch of screenshot and, I must say; he’s one handsome fella! All jokes aside, Bandai Namco Games today released a string of “Dragon Ball Xenoverse” screenshots, each of which depicting the new character in familiar situations. Bandai Namco Games previously stated that this new character will be able to travel back through the “Dragon Ball Z” timeline, using his powers to aid in the fight against evil. This means you, the player, will be able to step into the shoes of this red-haired fighter and take center stage in some of the greatest “Dragon Ball Z” battles!

It has not been said whether or not this character is customisable but my hope is that he is. Maybe some female fans of the series want to properly portray themselves in-game just like I want to. If there is no ponytail option than maybe I just wont buy this game! Ugh…Who am I kidding? Of course I’m going to get it. It’s “Dragon Ball Z”! “Dragon Ball Xenoverse” is currently in development by Dimps and will be published/distributed by Bandai Namco Games on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in the future. Check out the new screenshots below, you wont be disappointed.


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