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Disgaea 5 Reveals Second Trailer & Some New Classes


They’ll need a lot more to even the odds

With hype already this high, despite having only released one trailer, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is looking to be another hit in Nippon Ichi’s line-up. Like every Disgaea before it. As such, eager fans may be happy to know that a new trailer has just been dropped and that it runs for just over six minutes. Yep, no twenty second teasers, we’re getting into the details now folks. Said trailer features footage of a number of the game’s elements, from combo attacks, to the item world, to the character world, to even establishing smaller squads within your army for added perks. But if you feel like checking out some information in a less animated medium, why not check out the pictures of some newly added classes. They’re awesome, they’re weird, they’re kinda cute. Typical Disgaea.


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