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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – New Screenshots and Info Released


When it comes to ‘Digimon’, I consider myself somewhat of a master. A ‘Digimon Master’, if you will. It’s a series that I, as well as countless people the world over, grew up with and it has stuck with me to this day. I find myself saddened because of it’s lack of presence here in the West but I’m also joyed when reading that the franchise is continuing to expand even though it is lost in countries outside of Japan.

The more people I talk to, the more I realize that there is indeed a market for the series in Western countries and my faith in the taste of the masses is, once again, restored. It’s days like today, days when Bandai Namco Games grace my computer screen with more ‘Digimon’ video game news, that I truly feel the sense of elation I once did as a young boy following the series.

Bandai Namco Games Japan today updated the official ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’ website to include information regarding the main characters of the game as well as some ‘A-Grade’ screenshots of the PlayStation Vita title that has gotten me immeasurable excited. Readers, I’d like to introduce you to the main characters of the upcoming ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’ game. It’s time to get properly acquainted.


Nokia Shiramine, the Female Protagonist and Arata Sanada

From what I’ve gathered, these three characters are top-notch hackers who have decided, for their own personal reasons, to begin checking out something called ‘Cyberspace’ which, as the screenshots have shown, is a form of reality that sits somewhere in between the real world and the ‘Digital World’ of which we’ve seen throughout the ‘Digimon’ series and it’s countless games. Each of these characters was given a ‘Digimon Capture Device’ which I’m lead to believe is an item similar to a ‘Digivice’, I say this because it is only after they’ve each gotten one that they can then enter ‘Cyberspace’.

The protagonist, you, enters this strange world to investigate some rumors revolving local hackers. There she comes into contact with her very first ‘Digimon’ (plural); Agumon and Gabumon. Nokia also comes into contact with ‘Digimon’ and forms some pretty tight bonds which encourage her to continue visiting ‘Cyberspace’ in the hopes that she’ll meet a bunch of new ‘Digimon’ friends each time. Little does she know that, like human beings, some ‘Digimon’ are straight up bad. Not too much was said about Arata about from that he was a ‘big time hacker’. I can only assume, for now, that he travels to ‘Cyberspace’ for much the same reason as a protagonist. What I know for sure though is that Arate here clearly takes his fashion advice from one Hibiki Kuze from the ATLUS game ‘Devil Survivor 2’.

Alongside all this information, of which I could only properly translate a small amount, the site also features a batch of brand-new screenshots that feature ‘Cyberspace’, dialogue scenes and battles, all of which can be seen just below this article. ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth” has been set to be getting a release in Japan sometime next year so we’re still very far away from seeing this game in full at all, let alone here in the West. Hopes are that we go eventually get to see this game on local shelves but, as it stands right now, we’re too far away from the release to have anything set in stone. Keep your eyes on the site though, I guarantee of news breaks on this game you’ll be able to read about it right here.

Let’s Make A Change: Hey, readers! Show your support for this new game title by telling @BandaiNamcoAU, @BandaiNamcoUK, @BandaiNamcoES and/or @BandaiNamcoUS just how much you would like to see it localized. ‘Digimon’ fans in the West are still around and still standing strong so maybe, just maybe, if we show enough support we may be able to, one day, see more of it on local shelves. Show your love for ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’ and, in fact, ‘Digimon’ in general. Remember to be nice and show support not aggression. If ‘Digimon’ has taught us anything, it is that friendship and love makes the world a better place. Evil always comes last.


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