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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – ‘Mysterious Boy’, ‘Eater’ and New Character Yuuko Introduced


The digital world of the ‘Digimon’ franchise seems as though it’s a pretty straightforward plane of existence: It’s data precisely engineered to produce the monsters and environments that populate the world. What we tend to forget is that, much like real programs, the digital world can sometimes come across certain problems and I’m not just talking about the ‘Virus-type’ Digimon that exist in the digital world, I’m speaking of course about glitches.

Famitsu’s online publication has released a couple of screenshots and some general descriptions for two new ‘apparitions’ that will be appearing within the upcoming game’s digital world. The ‘Mysterious Boy’ and the ‘Eater’, both of which are the sources for their own urban legends, are two glitches in the overall digital system said to be the cause of death and/or disappearance for many digital monsters and humans wandering too far down into the depth of the digital world.


The ‘Mysterious Boy’, as he’s so blatantly titled, is a ghostly figure that appears before wanderers and essentially signifies their disconnection from the real world with no one confronted by the odd being ever being able to leave the digital world. The second glitch comes in the form of a ‘Matrix-style’ tentacle monster that simply eats everything it comes across, be they human or Digimon. Unlike the ‘Mysterious Boy’, this system error destroyes everything it comes into contact with instead of just ‘trapping’ them within the digital world. If I had to choose between the two, I’d rather the ‘Mysterious Boy’. At least in that situation I get to live to fight another day!

A new character was also announced but not through ‘Famitsu’, instead this news comes straight from ‘Jump’ magazine. A scan of the zine was released throughout the web today and it depicted a young lady accompanied by two Digimon partners; Gatomon and BlackGatomon. Yuuko Kamishiro is this young woman’s name and she meet you, the protagonist, one fateful night in the local hospital. Why exactly is she there?

That much wasn’t disclosed but what we do know is that she’s investigating something called the ‘EDEN Virus’ and it may just have something to do with the ‘glitch’ characters introduced above. MAY. Yuuko initially requests something of the main character but then begins to concrete herself in as a key member of the small ‘Cyber Sleuth’ group. Unfortunately we were only given the basics of her character but I can only assume we’ll be hearing more about her in the coming weeks and months alongside some more information about the other two characters who were revealed not two weeks ago.


Also revealed, alongside the Yuuko introduction, is the new game featured called ‘Connect Jump’ which is basically the way you get from the real world to the digital world. The main character will be able to jump through the the two existing planes using access points connected to servers which lead them through to digital dungeons. To get through the firewalls you’ll be able to use your Digimon partners’ and their specific abilities. This reminds me a great deal of the way you would log into the mainframe in the older video game series ‘Megaman Battle Network’.


Even more excited for the game? Good! ‘Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth’ is set for a Japanese release on the PlayStation Vita sometime next year. Unfortunately there’s no specific release date as of yet and we’re not too sure whether or not Western countries will also be getting the game but their is a petition currently running to incentivize Bandai Namco Games into localizing the game. Click Here to add your signature to the petition.


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