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“Digimon All-Star Rumble” Announced For The West


This is absolutely amazing! For so long now ‘Digimon’ fans have been begging video game publishing companies like Namco Bandai to bring some sort of ‘Digimon’ game over to the West and finally they’ve answered our call with the announcement of a brand-new ‘Digital Monsters’ video game title that will actually be made available in both North America and Europe! Yosha! The newly-announced brawler title is called ‘Digimon All-Star Rumble’ and is somewhat reminiscent of the PlayStation classic ‘Digimon Rumble Arena’ a game I bought, loved and sorely miss to this day. The fighting game will feature a 4-player battle system that’ll have you and three of your best ‘Digi-Pals’ going head-to-head-to-head-to-head in the first ever “Digimon Evolution Tournament”.

The game’s story is quite simple but seeing as it IS a fighting title I don’t think it necessarily has to have a story: The ‘Digital World’ is finally at peace. ‘Digimon’ are living in harmony and the forces of evil are nowhere to be seen, though…the ‘Digimon’ still long to take the next step in their lives and attain a form of ‘Digivolution’. It is decided that the only way to be able to ‘Digivolve’ on their own is through combat and rather than simply go at it with their fellow ‘Digimon’, the ‘Digi-Society’ establishes the very first “Digimon Evolution Tournament” which is a competition where fighter-types can go and duke it out with fellow digital warriors for the sake of ‘Digivolution’. Namco Bandai games have so far only announced that there will feature twelve playable ‘Rookie’ ‘Digimon’, each of which have the ability to ‘Digivolve’ into their more powerful forms.


A full list of confirmed characters has yet to have been released but true ‘Digimon’ fans can probably take an intelligent guess as to who will feature in the game’s ‘all-star’ lineup. From ‘Digimon: Digital Monsters’ season one to ‘Digimon Fusion’, the latest series in the franchise, you’ll be able to find all your favorite ‘main character-type’ ‘Digimon’ like Shoutmon, Agumon, Dorulumon and Gabumon, as well as a whole bunch more!

Prope, a small Japanese video game development studio responsible for the latest ‘Digimon Adventure’ game for the PlayStation Portable, is in charge of development for this game and I have high hopes that they will be able to properly portray the majesty of ‘Digital Monsters’ ripping each other to shreds.

What makes this piece of news so much sweeter? Namco Bandai games also provided an announcement trailer with their press release e-mail so within five minutes of knowing about this game we’re able to see exactly what it is like. Amazing! ‘Digimon All-Star Rumble’ is set for a release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this Fall/Autumn in North America with a European release to follow shortly after.



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