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Danganronpa: Another Episode – Overview Video Released


Spike Chunsoft and Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming ‘Danganronpa’ video game spinoff title ‘Another Episode’ is slowly approaching it’s official release and it’s driving fans of the series absolutely crazy simply because it looks so damn good! Bridging the gap between ‘Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc’ and ‘Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’ which has just been released around the world, ‘Danganronpa: Another Episode’ tells the story of what was happening in the outside world during the time of the Monokuma invasion.

This is something that doesn’t get detailed too greatly in the main video games. Switching from the puzzle genre to the third person shooter genre, ‘Another Episode’ puts players in the shoes of Komaru Naegi as she tries to survive in a world where robot bears are uprising and killing all who stand in their way. She, alongside a team of freedom fighters, must now battle day and night in the hopes that they can overthrow what is looking to be one of the most powerful tyrannical regimes in fictional history.

Armed with a modded bullhorn, you take to the streets to not only defend what little sanctuary there is left but to simply survive. Nippon Ichi Software has today released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming game which shows us a little of everything we’ve heard about up until this point. We get a better look at some of the combat as well as the animated cutscenes that will feature in the game. ‘Danganronpa: Another Episode’ is set for a PlayStation Vita release in Japan on the 25th of September with no word on a Western release as of yet. We’re hoping to hear about localization sometime very soon.


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