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“Danganronpa: Another Episode” Official Website Update Information


How would you deal with a robot bear uprising? Hide in a corner until you’re inevitably found and killed or stand tall and fight back against the fuzzy force that oppresses you?! I would probably go with the ‘hide in corner’ option but in the recently announced ‘Danganronpa’ third-person shooter title ‘Another Episode’, you don’t really have a choice.

Set in between the games ‘Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc’ and ‘Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair’, this game tells the story of Komaru Naegi as she fights to survive in the now-apocalyptic Towa City. The forces of Monokuma, the series antagonist, have risen up and taken hold of the once peaceful city, killing all those who stand their ground. Spike Chunsoft, Japanese video game developer, have today updated the official website for the game revealing more information regarding the new characters which were showcased in the latest issue of Japan’s ‘Famitsu’ magazine and explaining more about the odd but affective weapon of the game’s hero.

Komaru, as you may already know, wields a weapon made specifically to take down the Monokuma robots. It is labelled a ‘hacking gun’ but resembles that of a megaphone. This weapon has an strange use but is basically the one thing that can keep her soon-to-be-killers at bay. Much like a gun, the weapon has a ‘point and shoot’ way of offense but instead of actually ‘shooting’, you simply yell certain phrases into the microphone. The robots will react accordingly. The phrases are as follows:

  • Break: Normal damage.
  • Burn: Fire damage.
  • Paralyze: Electrical damage accompanied by paralysis.
  • Blow Away: Wind-style damage that literally ‘blows away’ multiple enemies.
  • Dance: No damage though it causes the enemy to dance, keeping them in place.
  • Connect: Allows you to control an enemy for a short period of time.
  • Move: Brings power back to machinery. Used throughout ‘puzzle’ sections of the game.
  • Survey: Scans the area and reveals hidden items.

The hacking gun can also be upgraded by purchasing ‘Decoder Bullets’ from an in-game store. These ‘Decoder Bullets’ can be bought with ‘Monokuma Medals’ which you get by killing the Monokuma enemy robots. They drop these medals, you collect them and trade them in to make yourself more powerful. Pretty standard stuff. The upgrades include things like ammo capacity, rate of fire and damage of individual rounds, most of which coincide with the different ‘Truth Bullets’ listed just above. Instead of running from the enemies, this gives you more incentive to keep firing and hopefully not running out of ammo and being, ugh…murdered.

Readers of ‘Famitsu’ will be aware that a couple new character from the game were recently announced through the magazine. Well, they’ve been added to the website with some extra description to go alongside their imagery. Two of which are actually ‘good guys’, with one being the leader of the resistance and the other being somewhat of an idol to the adults fending for their lives against the onslaught spearheaded by the ‘Soldiers Of Hope’. The other character, well…he’s part of the tyrannical force taking over the city. We don’t like him much. Click the images below to see a short description of the character shown.

The upcoming game will also feature a whole bunch of animated cutscenes which I’m excited to tell you all are all being organized and developed by the team that brought us the ‘Danganronpa’ Anime series which we all know was done brilliantly! More specifically; Seiji Kishi, who directed the Anime, will be returning for the game’s cutscenes and Studio Lerche will be handling the actual animation.

‘Danganronpa: Another Episode’ is set for a release for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on the 25th of September and in the West sometime after that. Though no actual word on whether or not it will be localised has not been disclosed, the other two titles in the series have made it to local shelves so I can only assume (and hope) that this one will follow suit.

NOTE: Short character descriptions provided by Gematsu.


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