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Burning Rubber – Ride 4 – Humble Opinions

Since the series’ inception back in 2015, the Ride series has proven with each instalment to be staking its claim as the best motorcycle racing game on the market. Now, with Ride 4, we get the most complete and polished iteration of developer Milestone S.r.l’s vision for the motorcycle racing video game genre. If Forza Motorsport was a revolutionary take on the motorsport gaming experience, Ride 4 is the same kind of revolution for motorcycle racers. It is, simply put, the game that motorcycle racing fans have been waiting for.

Ride 4 builds upon the incredible game design of the previous Ride instalments, with a plethora of new features and modes that are sure to delight motorcycle enthusiasts and Ride fans alike. There are immersive, advanced customisation options new to Ride 4, as well as the very interesting new AI system developed by Milestone S.r.l—which will adapt to the way you play, changing as the game goes on.

The new Career Mode will, however, likely be the bulk of the experience for those who want to sink their teeth into the core Ride 4 experience, as you participate in races and progress by completing different challenges and achieving different goals. The Career Mode is truly a deep experience, and you’ll likely find yourself sinking hours upon hours into this mode alone. There is a lot to see and do here, and it definitely takes some cues from the Forza Motorsport series; that is only a good thing, to say the very least.

Visually and aesthetically, the game is utterly gorgeous. With the new dynamic lighting and weather system implemented for Ride 4, it looks rather close to photorealism at times. This may very well be the best looking racer on the market at the moment and is truly an astonishing accomplishment from Milestone S.r.l. It is, honestly, just a very impressive looking game.

All in all, there is so much content in this game that Ride fans and motorcycle racing fans alike will be more than excited to dive into. The gameplay is smooth and easy to jump right into for first time players, but as you progress you’ll come to discover the nuance and layered gameplay that is on show here in Ride 4.

This is really a game that was made with passion, detail, and care from a developer that has largely spent its entire lifespan working to craft the ultimate motorcycle racing video game, and, with Ride 4, it looks like they may be closer to achieving that goal than ever before. This is an absolute must get for motorcycle lovers.


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